Pig identification

  • Group identification of pigs is essential for keeping the central register.
  • Registration number of the pigs – the identification number of the group of pigs which pigs are identified.
  • Pigs are identified with tattoo or plastic ear tags.
  • Each pig is identified with plastic ear tag or tattooing at the left ear or a tattoo on the left side of the body.
  • Plastic ear tag used for pig identification includes:

– two characters indicating the country code (the letters “SK” for the Slovak Republic)
– five characters, which indicate the farm registration number in which the pig was born
– graphic symbol (logo), name or code organizations in charge of the Pig Central Register

Ear tags, information and documents necessary to keep central register are provided by BS SR s.e. regional centers

Current codes and names of breeds, countries, events and other codebooks needed to guide the central evidence you find in the open access to data CEHZ in the section Basic codebooks at www.cehz.sk